Rapid Digital Microbial Detection Device

Near Real-Time Point-of-Care Microbiology Test

Usable in Low-Resource Settings


Microbial infections pose tremendous risks to public health. Cases of antimicrobial resistance are rising worldwide and requiring faster, more reliable and accessible microbial detection methods. However, time to result, complexity, and cost per test are still major issues when it comes to microbiology testing, especially in poor-resource communities. To solve this global challenge, we have developed Spin-Darc – a unique microbial detection technology based on a ubiquitous and inexpensive device – the common optical disk drive (DVD).


Spin-Darc is a microbial testing platform based on an unmodified optical disk drive and regular compact disks.


Ultra-rapid microbiology testing – get reliable results in minutes! Easy sample prep; no amplification required.


Spin-Darc can become a force multiplier for industries and governments due to its low cost and ease of use.


1. Apply the Sample onto the Assay Disk

1. Apply prepared sample directly onto the data disk

2. Lock the Assay with the Reflective Disk

2. Lock the 2nd disk on top to encapsulate the sample

Rapid point-of-care microbiology testing using regular DVD drive

3. Insert the assay assembly into the disk drive

4. Run the Assay from your Smartphone App

4. Run the assay from your computer


  • Low-Cost – Works with most existing peripheral or built-in optical disk drives. Does not require any expensive materials or procedures.
  • Ultra-Rapid – Estimated time-to-result is 10-30 minutes, including sample preparation time. We use a proprietary sample preparation method, not requiring any amplification.
  • Uncomplicated – Designed for non-professional use.  Healthcare and environmental workers, volunteers, or deployed personnel can easily operate Spin-Darc to perform reliable microbial tests.
  • Rugged – Low-power device suitable for low-resource environment. Most parts are reusable or recyclable.
  • Versatile – Can be easily adapted to various specific microbial contaminants, or used to detect multiple species.


Point-of-Care Testing

Same-Hour Microbial Diagnostics in Healthcare

Animal Diagnostics

Animal Diagnostics

Food Testing

Food Testing

Water Testing

Water Testing

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Saving Lives at Birth 2017 Grand Challenge

Saving Lives at Birth 2017 FinalistSpin-Darc was named Finalist in this year’s Saving Lives at Birth Grand Challenge, sponsored jointly by USAID, the Government of Norway, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Grand Challenges Canada, DFID, and KOICA.  The challenge seeks breakthrough innovations to help mothers and newborns during their most vulnerable hours.  We are honored to be one of the 53 finalists selected out of more than 550 innovative proposals in this seventh round. We hope that our rapid test for microbial contaminants such as Group B Streptococcus will become a definitive method for the intrapartum microbiology testing of mothers in low-resource areas.


Janna Badalian
Janna BadalianCo-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
With 17+ years of sales & marketing experience in the software industry, in both corporate and startup environment, Janna brings top-notch leadership and organizational skills, as well as knowledge and connections in the healthcare, federal government, and enterprise software markets.
Jeffery R.X. Auld
Jeffery R.X. AuldCo-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Inventor and chief innovator of Spin-Darc, Jeff brings 20+ years of experience in biosensor design, engineering, and IP development. He has extensive project and team leadership experience from his past work at several university research centers and federal contractor companies.


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